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It will use CGLIB to generate the bytecode responsible for fetching the PrototypeBean from the application context.

It will use CGLIB to generate the bytecode 5. javax.inject API

The setup along with required dependencies are described in this Spring wiring article.

Here’s the singleton bean:

We use Provider interface to inject the prototype bean. For each getPrototypeInstance() method call, the myPrototypeBeanProvider. g et() method returns a new instance of PrototypeBean .

6. Scoped Proxy

By default, Spring holds a reference to the real object to perform the injection. Here, we create a proxy object to wire the real object with the dependent one.

Here, we create a proxy object to wire the real object with the dependent one.

Each time the method on the proxy object is called, the proxy decides itself whether to create a new instance of the real object or reuse the existing one.

To set up this, we modify the Appconfig class to add a new @Scope annotation:

By default, Spring uses CGLIB library to directly subclass the objects. To avoid CGLIB usage, we can configure the proxy mode with ScopedProxyMode. INTERFACES, to use the JDK dynamic proxy instead.

7. ObjectFactory Interface

Spring provides the Huge Range Of Free Shipping Discount Aravon HopeARWomens Black Leather Discount Comfortable Cheap Sale Best Place qHT1KM
interface to produce on demand objects of the given type:

Let’s have a look at getPrototypeInstance() method; getObject() returns a brand new instance of PrototypeBean for each request. Here, we have more control over initialization of the prototype.

Also, the ObjectFactory is a part of the framework; this means avoiding additional setup in order to use this option.

8. Create a Bean at Runtime Using java.util.Function

Another option is to create the prototype bean instances at runtime, which also allows us to add parameters to the instances.

To see an example of this, let’s add a name field to our PrototypeBean class:

Next, we’ll inject a bean factory into our singleton bean by making use of the java.util.Function interface:

Finally, we have to define the factory bean, prototype and singleton beans in our configuration:

9. Testing

Let’s now write a simple JUnit test to exercise the case with ObjectFactory interface:

After successfully launching the test, we can see that each time getPrototypeInstance() method called, a new prototype bean instance created.

10. Conclusion

In this short tutorial, we learned several ways to inject the prototype bean into the singleton instance.

Organize 365

The Complete Home Paper Organization Resource

Every other week, I will be recording podcasts on productivity to share with you what I do to get so much done.

Becoming a more productive person is a process that happens over time. The spacing of these podcasts will give you time to absorb and implement changes into your routine so you will become more productive, too!

As with all of my other organizational advice, this series will not come with a list of new apps, products to buy, or radical new time saving ideas. True organization comes from thinking about how you are spending your time now, what you desire for your time use to look like, and making slow incremental changes.

Productivity Podcast #1

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In this podcast, I mention these books:
168 Hours You Have More Time Than You Think by Laura Vanderkamp

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by Amy Lynn Andrews

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It is easier to find time when you know what you will do with it.

Step 2 in becoming more productive is to take your Sunday Basket to the next level. This is part one of Sunday Basket 2.0

Start to write down EVERY thing you want to do or remember and put those in the Sunday Basket.

And start to track your time. What tasks or activities could you eliminate in order to make more time in your schedule to reach your productivity goal?

Join me on Facebook andlet me know: Why do you want to be more productive?

Why do you want to be more productive?
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This is part two of Sunday Basket 2.0

It’s time to add some planning time to the Sunday Basket. Once you have all your actionable to do’s chosen for the coming week, group the tasks that make sense to do together. Like all the errands.

Then using the Sunday Basket planning printables decide which days you will do each of your tasks.

Stack your tasks to get the most done in a short amount of time. Download the Sunday Basket Planning Printable .

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Having a checklist frees your mind to remember and problem solve bigger issues than remembering when the last time to changed the furnace filter was.

In the podcast today I am sharing the lists I use to keep items checked off my to do list and of my brain. You can view the items on my monthly and yearly checklists .

Productivity Podcast #5 Dividing Your Tasks Into Different Kinds of Work
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All work is NOT created equally. Before you listen to the podcast this week, make a giant list of all the tasks you want and need to get done. Then listen in to discover how to reorganize your to do list to get the most done.


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